A Little About My Style...

I aim to create unique, genuine imagery that blends the best of editorial and lifestyle photography while remaining consistent with your brand’s style and aesthetic.

I believe that the key to standing out to your audience is to create something sophisticated yet approachable and true to self. I take your brand’s vision for your project and turn it into a cohesive concept, all while adding just the right amount of my own personal flair.

Services I Offer

  • Campaigns & Advertorials
  • Lookbooks
  • E-Commerce & Catalogs
  • Website Imagery & Social Media Content
  • Interior Design Photography
  • Personal Branding
  • Team Portraits

The Process

1) Connect and Get A Quote

From concept creation to location scouting to image delivery, there is a lot that goes into each session. The first step is to get an idea of what your vision is and find out what kind of budget is required to bring it to life. My favorite way to communicate ideas and make sure we’re on the same page is to use mood boards and inspiration images. Mood boards help to dictate style, location, and the overall feel of the shoot.

For brand work, I offer standard packages you can choose from, or I can create a custom quote for your project based on your specific needs. Details that help me determine your rate include:

- How many images you need
- Where the photos will be used (i.e. social media, website, print/digital advertisements, etc)
- How long the photos will be in use
- Whether you intend to shoot on location or in a studio
- How many hours of shooting time will be required
- Whether you need me to produce the shoot as well as photograph it (i.e. find a location and other team members such as models, makeup/hair artists, wardrobe stylists, set/lighting assistants, etc)

2) Make a Plan

Once the concept is finalized, I use that to build the shoot logistics like where the shoot will take place, what time of day to shoot, and a general shot list so I don’t miss any details. When working with a team, we’ll also create a call sheet so everyone knows where to be when, what to bring, and any other important items.

3) Create

Time to create! I like to create a comfortable, fun atmosphere on set so that everyone has an enjoyable time and can step out of their comfort zone. I am there to give and receive feedback and direction as needed, and to make you and your team feel supported.

4) Retouch & Deliver

After the shoot, my job continues with culling the images, sending you a gallery of proofs so you can make your final choices, and then either retouching them myself or sending those selections to a retoucher who can match my style for the finishing touches.

A lot of work goes into getting each image just right, including color correction, skin and hair retouching, cleaning up the background, etc. Retouching is a part of my artistic process, and as a general rule, I want things to look polished but not over-edited. High-definition cameras can make tiny details more apparent than they are in person, so I take a lot of time to make sure your images look professional, finished, and balanced. If I wouldn't include it in a painting or sketch drawing, it won't be in your photo!

Recent Projects

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How To Book

For more information on my rates and services, please contact me below.

I would love to hear more about your vision and answer any questions you may have!